Newsletter Schedule

I’m going to send my newsletter monthly, on the second Tuesday of the month. This month (February) it went out on the 9th. Next month (March), it’s scheduled to be delivered on the 9th, too. It goes out at 5PM and should be delivered by time zones. That time might change – I’ll see what time you all open it and adjust as necessary.

Your email service might put it in your Promotions folder or mark it as spam, so knowing the date means you know when to look for it.

Since I’m busy writing but don’t have a cover or pre-order to share with you yet, next month’s newsletter includes a free read for subscribers.

If you haven’t subscribed, sign up for my newsletter to be sure you get that book along with my news.

Published by Ella Ardent

I love stories that feature strong characters, tales of passion, romance and emotion—that challenge those characters and have happy endings, too. I've been publishing my romances since 2011.

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