I’ve been uploading Dangerous to Radish and discovered a mistake in the book file for Shattered: in the course of creating the current edition, Chapter One in that volume was moved to be Chapter Three.

Shattered, book two of Dangerous, a romance by Ella Ardent
Book Two of Dangerous

The software that I use to format my ebook interiors is very efficient at renumbering chapters – you can move them around and they will always be numbered sequentially. The problem is that if you move a chapter by accident, it’s very hard to see what you’ve done, because – hey presto – it’s immediately renumbered.

Uploading to Radish means breaking the book into shorter episodes, and it often means that I read along as I go, remembering the story. That’s why I saw that it didn’t make sense as it was. I also evidently picked up an older version of the book file which had some typos. (Stellar day, all around, as you can see.) I fixed the file for Radish, then fixed the ebook interior of Shattered and reloaded it at the other portals.

Dangerous, a romance by Ella Ardent
The Complete Romance

This also affected the ebook interior for Dangerous: The Complete Romance. (Because with that formatting software, it’s very easy to compile the individual books, then just drag and drop them into a new file to create a boxed set or bundle.)

So, if you’ve bought either of those books, you’ll want to download the updated versions. I’ve asked Amazon to push out the new editions since they don’t do that automatically, and I hope that they decide it’s sufficiently important for them to do.

This also reminded me that I hadn’t uploaded and approved the revised files for the print edition of Dangerous or The Plume Complete (I had to add the hyphen to my website url on the covers and inside) so I’ve done that at Amazon and they’re processing now. I’ll add buy links when they’re live.

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I love stories that feature strong characters, tales of passion, romance and emotion—that challenge those characters and have happy endings, too. I've been publishing my romances since 2011.

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