A Story Stirs

Things have been quiet here. Like many authors, I’ve been struggling with creating in the time of Covid-19. It seems that I need more mingling and chatting to write my books, which I didn’t realize before. I have many (many!) projects started but most of them fade to silence after a chapter or two. Maybe my characters need the stimulation of parties and clubs, of interacting with other people, of my visiting galleries and shops, just to inspire their stories.

That said, there’s a story that’s been haunting me the past few weeks. A woman and a man, coming to an arrangement. A woman with fantasies and a man who can fulfill them – if she dares to trust. I put off writing it, because I thought it, too, would fade to silence like the others once I began. But these characters are made of sterner stuff and they’re hanging on, talking on through the night so that I have to write down their story.

This is exciting, but there are challenges ahead. My editor has moved on to other endeavors. I’m not sure about my cover artist. I’m going to get this book written (fingers crossed) then see who I can find to help me get it published.

In the meantime, cross your fingers for me – and maybe your toes! I love this story so far, a story of seduction and awakening, and (of course) happily-ever-after. I hope I can get it done so you can read it. 🙂

Published by Ella Ardent

I love stories that feature strong characters, tales of passion, romance and emotion—that challenge those characters and have happy endings, too. I've been publishing my romances since 2011.

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