Submission Going Free at Amazon

I republished Submission at Amazon this month and asked them to match the free price at other portals. I’d published the three Plume collections there instead of the nine installments, but thought it would be better to have a free series starter. (We’ll see!) Right now, Amazon has matched the free price in UK, CA and AU. I had asked them to make the book free in the US but they haven’t done it yet. It’s already free at other portals, so if you’re in the US, keep an eye on it.

Submission, book one of The Plume, a serialized contemporary romance by Ella Ardent


Passion is awakened when Joanna surrenders to temptation at The Plume…

Lifestyle reporter Joanna is prepared to do whatever is necessary to learn what happens inside the notorious private club known as The Plume—even go undercover and join. Plunged into a world of mystery and sensation, Joanna finds her own secret desires awakened, giving her an insatiable need for more. How far will she go to experience more of the pleasure commanded by the mysterious Rex? How will her taste of forbidden pleasures affect her attraction to her daredevil co-worker, Mike?

Published by Ella Ardent

I love stories that feature strong characters, tales of passion, romance and emotion—that challenge those characters and have happy endings, too. I've been publishing my romances since 2011.

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