Smashwords Sale

Smashwords is hosting their annual Read An Ebook sale, from today through March 12. You’ll find several of my books discounted at Smashwords for the sale. Dangerous is reduced from $9.99 to $4.99US right here. The Plume: The First Collection is reduced from $9.99 to $4.99US right here. The Wedding is reduced from $9.99 toContinue reading “Smashwords Sale”

A Story Stirs

Things have been quiet here. Like many authors, I’ve been struggling with creating in the time of Covid-19. It seems that I need more mingling and chatting to write my books, which I didn’t realize before. I have many (many!) projects started but most of them fade to silence after a chapter or two. MaybeContinue reading “A Story Stirs”

Free Steamy Romance Reads

This month, I’m participating in a multi-author BookFunnel promotion featuring free steamy romance reads. When you sign up for the author newsletters, you can download a free read! You’ll find The Best Man on the landing page, as well as a lot of other steamy romances. Visit the landing page and find your next hotContinue reading “Free Steamy Romance Reads”