I’ve been uploading Dangerous to Radish and discovered a mistake in the book file for Shattered: in the course of creating the current edition, Chapter One in that volume was moved to be Chapter Three.

Shattered, book two of Dangerous, a romance by Ella Ardent
Book Two of Dangerous

The software that I use to format my ebook interiors is very efficient at renumbering chapters – you can move them around and they will always be numbered sequentially. The problem is that if you move a chapter by accident, it’s very hard to see what you’ve done, because – hey presto – it’s immediately renumbered.

Uploading to Radish means breaking the book into shorter episodes, and it often means that I read along as I go, remembering the story. That’s why I saw that it didn’t make sense as it was. I also evidently picked up an older version of the book file which had some typos. (Stellar day, all around, as you can see.) I fixed the file for Radish, then fixed the ebook interior of Shattered and reloaded it at the other portals.

Dangerous, a romance by Ella Ardent
The Complete Romance

This also affected the ebook interior for Dangerous: The Complete Romance. (Because with that formatting software, it’s very easy to compile the individual books, then just drag and drop them into a new file to create a boxed set or bundle.)

So, if you’ve bought either of those books, you’ll want to download the updated versions. I’ve asked Amazon to push out the new editions since they don’t do that automatically, and I hope that they decide it’s sufficiently important for them to do.

This also reminded me that I hadn’t uploaded and approved the revised files for the print edition of Dangerous or The Plume Complete (I had to add the hyphen to my website url on the covers and inside) so I’ve done that at Amazon and they’re processing now. I’ll add buy links when they’re live.

Free Steamy Romance Reads

This month, I’m participating in a multi-author BookFunnel promotion featuring free steamy romance reads. When you sign up for the author newsletters, you can download a free read! You’ll find The Best Man on the landing page, as well as a lot of other steamy romances.

Visit the landing page and find your next hot read!

Newsletter Schedule

I’m going to send my newsletter monthly, on the second Tuesday of the month. This month (February) it went out on the 9th. Next month (March), it’s scheduled to be delivered on the 9th, too. It goes out at 5PM and should be delivered by time zones. That time might change – I’ll see what time you all open it and adjust as necessary.

Your email service might put it in your Promotions folder or mark it as spam, so knowing the date means you know when to look for it.

Since I’m busy writing but don’t have a cover or pre-order to share with you yet, next month’s newsletter includes a free read for subscribers.

If you haven’t subscribed, sign up for my newsletter to be sure you get that book along with my news.

The Phoenix

Revealed, book one of the Plume series by Ella Ardent

The books in the Phoenix series have been republished in new editions. The main difference from the older editions are the newsletter links and the website links.

You can find the Phoenix series here.

Revealed is free at some portals. Newsletter subscribers can download a copy of Revealed free as part of the welcome sequence – it’ll be in the February newsletter, too. You can sign up for my newsletter with this link. πŸ™‚

Book Updates

I’m working through my book list and making progress!

First, I had to change newsletter services, and replace that link in the endmatter of all books. If you were subscribed via MailChimp, don’t worry – I migrated you over to Mailerlite. The newsletter will be coming from a different email address, though, one from this website. I created a pop-up, too, and am pretty proud of that. πŸ™‚

Right now, The Plume, The Plume Collections, The Wedding and Euphoria are uploaded at the portals.

I republished the trade paperbacks of The Plume Collections and The Wedding at Amazon.

My books have been published at Google Play now, too, and I’ve added the links to the website. I’m not sure they were ever there before. (?)

Next up, Dangerous and The Phoenix.

I’ve also opened an account at BookFunnel and will participating in some multi-author promotions there. The first one will be on February 10, so stay tuned for that!


Radish is a reading app for serialized fiction. Since many of my books were serialized when they were first published, it seemed like a good fit for me so I’ve signed up.

I’m starting with The Plume there and it’s publishing now. The episodes are smaller at Radish, just 1000 to 2000 words, and there’s an episode posting per day. It’s going to take a while to unfurl there!

You can learn more about Radish on their website, right here.

The Plume Collections

The Plume Collections by Ella Ardent

The Plume Collections are republished at the major portals and the links are updated here on the site. Note that The Plume: The Complete Collection won’t be available at Amazon. (They don’t pay the full royalty on books priced over $9.99.)

There will be print editions (trade paperbacks) distributed from Amazon, but I’m waiting for the cover designer to add that hyphen into my website url on the back cover of each one.

Progress is made!

I’m going to write for a bit now. Reformatting Dangerous will be a bigger job and the Phoenix Series will take a while, too. I need to play with words instead of publishing. πŸ™‚

I’m Back!

I took a hiatus from writing and publishing when things became overwhelming, but I’m back. I’m writing again and having a wonderful time with itβ€”I hope to have some new stories for you to read soon.

I also have this shiny new website. Rebuilding it gave me a good excuse to update the design. I went with purples and blues since my newer covers are in those colours. My books had red and black covers once upon a time, but I love the purples and blues. That meant new covers for the nine Plume stories, too. I’ve set up the newsletter sign-up again, which was a little less easy but is done. (Phew.) Note that I have a slightly different domain name this time, so if you were reading my books and/or following me before, please update your bookmarks.

I’m going to steer clear of social media in the short term to keep my focus on writing. I’m always happy to hear from you, but you’ll need to comment here for me to see it.

Republishing my books is a big job, since (again) it’s a good chance to update the interiors and the descriptions. I’ve republished The Plume, The Wedding and Euphoria so far. I’ll post here when the books in each series are uploaded and will add links to the book pages when they’re live at the portals.

I’m writing a new story which reminds me a bit of The Plume, with a big cast of characters and lots of hot scenes. There’s a love triangle and many emotional complications to the participants expect to be simple pleasure. I’m really enjoying this story, and am going to write it all before publishing even the first bit (even though it will likely be serialized). Once that’s done and I feel like I’ve found my center again, I’ll have a look at the stories that need to be finished. The Phoenix has one more story left to be told (at least) and Euphoria has three more books outstanding – I even have the covers already! – so I’ll re-read everything and make a plan.

It feels really good to be writing again. I hope you missed me and my books a little bit πŸ™‚ and am looking forward to new fictional adventures.