In the lost realm of Euphoria, royalty command all to serve their pleasure, but passion is the greatest power of all.

Tales from Euphoria is a series of romances and fairy-tale-retellings set in a fictional medieval kingdom. Each book is a romance and features an HEA, but the books should be read in order. Ultimately, there will be five books in the series.

Her Dark Prince, book one of the Tales from Euphoria of fairy tale retellings by Ella Ardent

Her Dark Prince

Can Beauty tame this Beast?

A defiant beauty is claimed for the annual village tithe to the ruling family of Euphoria, whose crown prince desires only the satisfaction of his own dark desires. He gets far more from his captive lover, whose talent for unveiling his secrets leaves them both wondering who is master and who is slave.

His Lost Princess, book two of the Tales from Euphoria series of fairy tale retellings by Ella Ardent

His Lost Princess

Can Charming win his Bride?

Royce discovers his legacy and falls in love with a mysterious maiden at his coming-of-age ball. When morning comes, the lady has vanished, and he learns that his newfound status as crown prince will be secured with an arranged marriage. But Royce wants only his mysterious maiden as his bride. Can he find her before all that was found is lost again?

Her Enchanted Knight, book three of the Tales from Euphoria by Ella Ardent

Her Enchanted Knight

Can Red free her lover from the Wolf?

Lost in a blizzard in the northern forests of Euphoria, Balthazar accepts a wager in exchange for shelter—never realizing that he’s giving sanctuary to a dangerous beast. The Wolf will devour any man who gives it refuge, unless one woman can defend this knight against the foe that lurks within his very soul.

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