The Phoenix

From the ashes of the Plume rises a new temptation…

The Phoenix is a series of complete romances set in the same world of The Plume with appearances by many of the characters introduced in that series. After the destruction of The Plume, both Athena and Rex establish their own pleasure clubs, where fantasies come true. Revealed is a short introduction to the series, then each subsequent book features one couple and their romantic adventure at one of the pleasure clubs. Each book ends with an HEA. The stories should be read in order to follow Athena and Rex’s stories.

Revealed, book one of the Plume series by Ella Ardent


From the ashes of The Plume rises a new temptation…

Athena and Rex are prepared to launch the first two locations of their new club, The Phoenix, when an audacious computer science student insists their systems have been hacked. That would be shocking enough for Rex, the Master who keeps all secrets, even if the persistent young woman wasn’t the younger sister of Joanna who filled his fantasies for years. When he learns Amy wants to trade her expertise for special training at The Phoenix, Rex recognizes an offer he can’t refuse. Will Amy be the fulfillment of his fantasies? Will her information send Athena in pursuit of a new conquest? And is Amy all that she claims to be?

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Harnessed, book two of the Plume series by Ella Ardent


Josh surrenders to temptation, then Elise challenges everything he knows to be true…

Josh is a successful musician who has lost his ability to compose. In search of the music he used to hear, he decides to be a human pony for a week at the Phoenix’s new private island, Windswept. His hope is that the captivity and routine, as well as being inaccessible to others, will still the chaos of his thoughts. He’s not expecting to find the experience so rich and satisfying, much less to find his muse in Elise, a woman just as determined as he to explore her own fantasies—no matter what the cost.

Hunted, book three of the Plume series by Ella Ardent


Shara’s fantasy takes a thrilling twist when Damon changes the rules…

Shara has always dreamed of being hunted—by three men of her choice, and used by the captor for his pleasure. As a birthday present to herself, she arranges to have her fantasy fulfilled on the private Caribbean island run by The Phoenix. But Shara isn’t counting on the fantasies of the men she’s selected, much less that each will interpret the rules in his own way. The game begins early—and may continue long after the official hunt is over.

Haunted, book four of the Plume series by Ella Ardent


Will the ghosts of the past keep Caitlyn and Zach from happily-ever-after?

Amy has to prove herself to Rex and Athena by figuring out how to fulfill some fantasies that appear to be impossible: she starts with Caitlyn’s desire to have one last night with her dead lover, Luke. Amy has it all planned out, but she’s not counting on Luke’s buddy, Zach, much less his fantasies that feature Caitlyn. Meanwhile, Steele tries to win his way back into Athena’s affections, with surprising results.

Sold, book five of the Plume series by Ella Ardent


When Steele offers Athena the ultimate temptation, will she pay the price?

Athena offers Steele a night of her undivided attention, only to have him startle her with a confession of love. There’s no place for such tender emotions in the dominatrix’s life—just passion and pleasure—or so she thinks until she learns that Steele has chosen to pose as a slave at a rival club’s notorious auction. Athena knows she has to intervene and buy Steele herself, but how much will she risk to ensure his safety? The future of the Phoenix? Her partnership with Rex? Or even herself?

Claimed, book six of the Plume series by Ella Ardent


Will Kendra and Reid commit to passion and pleasure forever?

Reid knows the perfect way to celebrate his anniversary with Kendra, by making her dream come true as well as that of her best friend, Stevie. As Stevie explores secret fantasies with Hunter, the bad boy rock star and foster brother she’s adored for years, Kendra’s spark of defiance finds opportunity for expression at The Phoenix. Stevie starts to think that she and Hunter might have a future, until she challenges him and risks losing him for good. Meanwhile Reid questions his plan of claiming Kendra forever when she seems unlikely to ever be tamed…


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