The Plume

Welcome to The Plume, where members are bound by desire and fantasies come true.

The Plume is a serialized romance with a love triangle (and a happy ending), published in nine novellas. The novellas should be read in order.

Lifestyle reporter Joanna goes undercover to get the story about The Plume, a notorious secret club devoted to pleasure, never guessing that her own hidden passions will be awakened. Mike, Joanna’s sexy and daring co-worker, knows she’s getting into more than she realizes, because he used to belong to The Plume. He makes a deal to return there, against his own better judgement, hoping to defend Joanna. Meanwhile, one of the founding partners of the club, Rex, can’t believe his luck when his high school crush—Joanna—offers herself for his pleasure. How will Joanna choose between romance and passion—and can she and Mike build a future once their secret yearnings have been revealed?

The Plume Series is available in nine novellas, listed below.
The novellas should be read in order.
The series is also available in ebook and print in Collections.

Submission, book one of The Plume, a serialized contemporary romance by Ella Ardent


Passion is awakened when Joanna surrenders to temptation at The Plume…

Lifestyle reporter Joanna is prepared to do whatever is necessary to learn what happens inside the notorious private club known as The Plume—even go undercover and join. Plunged into a world of mystery and sensation, Joanna finds her own secret desires awakened, giving her an insatiable need for more. How far will she go to experience more of the pleasure commanded by the mysterious Rex? How will her taste of forbidden pleasures affect her attraction to her daredevil co-worker, Mike?

Surrender, book two of The Plume, a serialized contemporary romance by Ella Ardent


Joanna enters the Plume—prompting Mike to return to the seductive world he left behind…

When Mike learns that his conservative co-worker Joanna is taking her vacation at The Plume, he knows she doesn’t realize what she’s getting into. He’ll do whatever is necessary to return to the club he vowed to leave forever—to protect Joanna. But the partners, Rex and Athena, have surprises for both Mike and Joanna, including one that will change their relationship for good.

Seduction, book three of The Plume, a serialized contemporary romance by Ella Ardent


Can Joanna and Mike create a private paradise away from the Plume?

Joanna and Mike embark on a sensual adventure together, exploring each other’s fantasies and desires as they fall deeper in love. Can they fulfill their secret desires in private—or will the allure of the Plume and its pleasures prove too potent to resist? Or will Joanna’s enthusiastic room mate, Louise, put their future happiness at risk?

Deception, book four of The Plume, a serialized contemporary romance by Ella Ardent


How far will Joanna go to defend her privacy—and will Mike defend her choice?

When Joanna learns that Rex has planned a public exhibition of his photographs, she fears that he’ll include the ones he’s taken of her—but Rex is willing to leave them out, for a price. How far will Joanna go to protect her privacy? Will the real price be her relationship with Mike?

Exhibition, book five of The Plume, a serialized contemporary romance by Ella Ardent


Will the fulfilment of Joanna’s secret fantasy cost her Mike’s love?

Mike takes his relationship with Joanna to the next level by arranging for her darkest fantasy to be satisfied—but quickly discovers that her pleasure is his pain. Meanwhile, the public exhibition of Rex’s photographs is a dream come true, but Athena fears the consequences: will the display expose the Plume’s membership to new possibilities – or peril?

Exposure, book six of The Plume, a serialized contemporary romance by Ella Ardent


When Mike leaves Joanna and the Plume is at risk, can anyone’s future be saved?

The scene with Eric and Joanna shreds Mike’s heart and he leaves—can Joanna ever make things right with him again? Meanwhile, at the Plume, Rex and his partner Athena argue over the future, only to see their greatest accomplishment destroyed.

Flashback, book seven of The Plume, a serialized contemporary romance by Ella Ardent


With the Plume in ashes, Mike, Joanna, Athena and Rex must confront the past to find their futures.

With the Plume in ashes, Mike and Joanna and Master Rex find their futures shaped by their respective pasts. Will Rex move past his infatuation with Joanna to find true love? Can Joanna find a way to recapture Mike’s passion and regain his love—even with the assistance of an unlikely ally like Eric?

Switch, book eight of The Plume, a serialized contemporary romance by Ella Ardent


Joanna plans a lesson for Mike, only to be surprised herself. Has she gone too far?

Joanna gives Mike a lesson he won’t soon forget, only to discover that he’s made plans for the future that don’t include her. Can she change his mind before he moves across the country? Can Mike convince Joanna to accept a compromise that might satisfy them both? Or has their time at The Plume changed them to much for love to conquer all?

Celebration, book nine of The Plume, a serialized contemporary romance by Ella Ardent


Joanna and Mike tie the knot, while Athena and Rex celebrate a new venture.

Joanna and Mike take a chance on trust and decide to get married—even though Joanna’s newest idea is causing Mike some concern. Can she reassure him before the big day? Meanwhile, Rex finds new hope in unexpected places and the members of the Plume rejoice in good news.

Many of the characters from the Plume also appear in the Phoenix series.

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