Welcome to The Plume, where members are bound by desire and fantasies come true.

The Plume, The First Collection by Ella Ardent

A passion awakened…

Lifestyle reporter Joanna is prepared to do whatever is necessary to get inside the notorious private club known as The Plume and learn the truth– even join the club. She doesn’t expect to have her own desires awakened by Rex, much less to discover that her hot co-worker, Mike, already knows a great deal about The Plume. Caught between two powerful and alluring men, will Joanna choose the forbidden fantasies of The Plume or the private pleasures offered by Mike?

This collection includes the first three novellas of The Plume Series: Submission, Surrender, and Seduction.

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The Plume, The Second Collection by Ella Ardent

A danger revealed…

Passion burns hot as Joanna and Mike explore secret desires together—but all is at risk when Master Rex announces the exhibition of his photographs taken inside The Plume. Joanna fears that her private pleasures will be revealed and offers whatever Master Rex desires in exchange for keeping images of her from public display. When he demands a night of her in his thrall, Joanna is torn. Will she agree to the one thing that could destroy her future with Mike, or surrender her privacy instead?

This collection includes the second three novellas of The Plume Series: Deception, Exhibition, and Exposure.

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The Plume, The Third Collection by Ella Ardent

A dream fulfilled…

When Joanna’s choice shatters her relationship with Mike, she knows she has to win him back. She takes advice from an unlikely ally and challenges Mike’s expectations, daring him to take a chance on her and their shared future. Will her challenge destroy Mike’s desire, or will they discover a new balance between submission and command?

This collection includes the final three novellas of The Plume Series: Flashback, Switch, and Celebration.

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The Plume, The Complete Collection by Ella Ardent

Be seduced by the forbidden pleasures of The Plume…

When reporter Joanna joins the exclusive club called The Plume in search of the truth, she doesn’t expect to be stirred by the games played in this haven for pleasure and pain. But there are surprises in store, from the Rex’s knowledge of her secret desires before she admits to them, to her own growing obsession with the The Plume’s pleasures, to the revelation that Mike, the man she loves, was once a member of the club. When all is at risk, how will she choose between pleasure and passion, between Rex and Mike? And when she does, how far will she go to protect the only relationship that can fulfill her, body and soul?

This collection includes all nine novellas in the Plume Series: Submission, Surrender, Seduction, Deception, Exhibition, Exposure, Flashback, Switch and Celebration.

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